Effectiveness of bycatch-reduction devices in roller-frame trawls used in the Florida shrimp fishery


Crawford, C.R., Steele, P., McMillen-Jackson, A.L., Bert, T.M.



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Fisheries Research

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Two bycatch reduction devices (BRD), the Florida fisheye (FFE) and large-mesh extended-mesh funnel (EMF) were tested in roller-frame trawls to determine their effectiveness in reducing bycatch.  Tests were conducted at two locations (Tarpon Springs and Biscayne Bay, FL) using a paired trawl design with the BRD equipped net deployed off one side and the control net off the other side.  The FFE did not significantly reduce overall finfish bycatch but did retain shrimp at both locations.  At Tarpon Springs, the EMF reduced bycatch significantly and shrimp loss was low, while at Biscayne Bay, bycatch and shrimp loss were both significantly reduced. A simulator cone was also tested with both BRD's at Tarpon Springs and resulted in significant bycatch reduction but also significant shirmp loss.