Haulback delay

A delay, usually 10-15 seconds in length, between slowing of a trawl vessel and engagement of the winch to haul in the trawl (http://bycatch.org/articles/effects-square-mesh-panels-codends-and-haulb...). This delay may cause changes to the geometry of the codend, creating additional stimuli that directs the bycatch out through fish escape window/separator devices or may simply allow more time for bycatch species to escape through these devices.

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Study Type: 

Field study in the wild


New South Whales, Australia

Target catch: 


Effect on bycatch species: 

Haulback delay of 10-15 seconds allowed juvenile red spot to escape through the square mesh panels

Effect on target catch: 

No difference in the catch or weight of prawns


Bycatch species: 

Reduction technique: 

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