Rope Grid: A new grid design to further reduce finfish bycatch in the Gulf of Maine pink shrimp fishery


He, P. and Balzano, V.



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Fisheries Research

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Tests were conducted in the Gulf of Maine to determine the effectivenss of a new Rope Grid in reducing the bycatch of small finfish in the pink shrimp (Pandalus borealis) trawl fishery.  The new Rope Grid was constructed by removing two-thrids of the netting surrounding the traditional Nordmore Grid and replacing it with four ropes.  This new Rope Grid was tested against the traditional Nordmore Grid during sea trials.  The new Rope Grid significantly reduced the bycatch of silver hake, red hake, American plaice and witch flounder compared to the Nordmore Grid but did not significantly reduce catches or the size of targeted pink shrimp.  The new Rope Grid allowed larger fish to escape compared to the Nordmore Grid.