Cetacean-fishery interactions in Galicia (NW Spain): results and management implications of a face-to-face interview survey of local fishers

Goetz, S., Read, F.L., Santos, B., Pita, C. and Pierce, G.J.
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ICES Journal of Marine Science
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Centro de Estudos do Ambiente e do Mar (CESAM), Universidade de Aveiro, Campus Universitário de Santiago, 3810–193
Aveiro, Portugal. Tel: +351 23 437 0200; fax: +351 23 437 0985; e-mail: sa.goetz@web.de

A survey was conducted with fishers in Galicia Spain to investigate interactions between fishing gear and cetaceans. Cetacean fishery interactions appear to be frequent events. Although the damage to the catch and fishing gear were generally reported to be small, substantial economic loss can result from interactions with common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and coastal gillnet fishing gear, and from short-beaked common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) interactions with purse seine fisheries. Bycatch mortality for cetaceans was reported to be highest in trawl and set gillnet fisheries.