A comparison of catches of swordfish, Xiphias gladius, and other pelagic species from Canadian longline gear configured with alternating monofilament and multifilament nylon gangions


Stone, H.H., Dixon, L.K.



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Fisheries Bulletin

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Heath H. Stone Biological Station Fisheries and Oceans Canada 531 Brandy Cove Road St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada stoneh@mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Tests were conducted aboard Canadian longline vessels targeting swordfish to determine if there were differences in the catch rates and size composition of swordfish and bycatch species caught by monofilament and multifilament nylon gangions.  No significant differences in the mean lengths of swordfish were found between the two nylon gangions but catch rates did differ significantly, with more swordfish caught on the monofilament gangions.  There was also a significant difference in catch rates between the two gangions for blue sharks and pelagic stingrays, with more animals caught on monofilament gangions.  There was no significant difference in catch rates between gangions for mako sharks, white marlin or loggerhead sea turtles.