Comparison of circle hooks and J hooks in the catch rate of target and bycatch species taken in the Korean tuna longline fishery

Kim, S., Moon, D., An, D. and Koh, J.
Journal/Publisher Name
Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
Volume (Issue #)
WCPFC-SC2-2006/EB WP-12
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National Fisheries Research Development Institute, Republic of Korea

Experiments were conducted aboard Korean pelagic longline vessels to determine if there were differences in the catch rates of target (tuna and billfish) and bycatch (sharks and other bony fish) species between 3 types of hooks; 4.0 traditional tuna hook (J-4), size 15 circle hook (C15) and size 18 circle hook (C18).  Within the target group significant differences between catch rates were only found between the J-4 and C18 hooks.  In the bycatch species group, significant differences were found between J4 and C15 and between J4 and C18.  Overall, the large circle hook (C18) had the lowest catch rates for tunas and other fish, while small circle hooks (C15) had the lowest catch rates for billfish and sharks.  Any differences in the length of fish caught by the individual hooks were minimal.