A cross-taxa assessment of pelagic longline bycatch mitigation measures: conflicts and mutual benefits to elasmobranchs


GIlman, E., Chaloupka, M., Swimmer, Y. and S. Piovano



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Fish and Fisheries

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A literature review of 30 studies was conducted to determine the  effectiveness of various bycatch reduction devices for elasmobranchs. The risk of capture was 1.2 times higher on circle hooks but haulbaulk mortality as well as deep hooking was reduced. Wire leaders had higher shark catch and haulback mortality rates compared to monofilament. Hooking position is determined by the hook shape and width combined with bait. These characteristics also affect the ability to sever monofilament leaders. Shark catch rates and deep hooking were increased when fish was used for bait compared to squid. Wider hooks resulted in reduced pelagic stingray catch and mortality.