Decreased feeding ability of a minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) with entanglement-like injuries


Kot, B.W., Ramp, C. and R. Sears



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Marine Mammal Science

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Wiley Periodicals, Inc., Malden, MA USA

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Lead author: Brian W. Kot,

This investigation details an unusual encounter with a lunge-feeding minke whale with fresh entanglement-like injuries to its head and ventral pouch.  It also discusses results from a short-term comparative study that tested whether the whale fed differently than five uninjured minke whales feeding in the same area.  Collectively, this study: 1) quantifies how much a rope-like injury can restrict the expansion of a minke's ventral pouch while feeding, 2) provides the first minke whale lunge-feeding velocities from a photogrammetric method using digital video, and 3) describes a new lunge-feeding aerial maneuver for minke whales that is possibly associated with the injury.