Deep-sea benthic habitats and the impacts of trawling on them in the offshore Greenland halibut fishery, Davis Strait, west Greenland.

Long, S., Blicher, M.E., Arboe, N.H., Fuhrmann, M., Darling, M., Kemp, K.M., Nygaard, R., Zinglersen, K. and C. Yesson
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ICES Journal of Marine Science
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Demersal trawl gear used to catch Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in west Greenland. A towed vide sled recorded trawling impacts on seafloor fauna. Trawling effort was significantly linked with community composition, with a negative association between trawling effort and abundance of some taxa, including some vulnerable marine ecosystem (VME) indicator species, including a regionally rare species (Halipteris finmarchica).
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