The effect of light toriline on seabird by-catch and fish catch rates in the pelagic longline fishery off southern Brazil

Mancini, P.L., Bugoni, L., Neves, T., Monteiro, D.S., Estima, S.C.
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Collective Volume of Scientific Papers, ICCAT
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Projecto Albatroz, Av. dos Bancarios 76/22, Ponta da Praia, CEP 11030-300, Santos-SP, Brazil
The use of light torilines (made with nylon monofilament branch lines and streamers made from other light material) on pelagic longlines reduced the incidental capture of seabirds by 64%. The capture of target species, including swordfish and blue sharks, was increased by 32% and 15.1% respectively when light torilines were used.