Effective factors of tori-poles in reducing incidental catch of seabirds in the Japanese longline fishery

Yokata, K., Minami, H. and Kiyota, M.
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Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
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National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries
Fisheries Research Agency, Japan
5-7-1, Orido, Shimizu-ku, Shizuka 424-8633

Four parts of the tori-pole were tested for their effectiveness in reducing the incidental catch of albatross in the Japanese southern bluefin tuna longline fishery.  Observer data were used to test 1. bird line material, 2. streamer material, 3. bird line length and 4. pole height above sea surface.  The effectiveness of tori-poles in reducing albatross interactions increased with a longer bird line, but there was no difference in the effectiveness between the different bird line materials, type of streamer material or pole height above the sea surface.