Effects of eliminating shallow hooks from tuna longline sets on target and non-target species in the Hawaii-based pelagic tuna fishery


Beverly, S., D. Curran, M. Musyl, and B. Molony.



Journal/Publisher Name: 

Fisheries Research
Longlines were set at depths greater than 100m using weighted lines to reduce bycatch of recreationally important fish species and protected species such as seabirds and sea turtles. While bigeye tuna catch rates were consistent between control and experimental sets, bycatch rates increased for sickle pomfret and opah but decreased for wahoo, dolphinfish, blue and striped marlin, and shortbill species. These species are generally not targeted but retained for their commercial value. Bycatch of sharks and pelagic stingrays did not differ between the experimental and control sets.