The effects of a lanthanide metal alloy on shark catch rates

Hutchinson, M., Wang, J.H., Swimmer, Y., Holland, K., Kohin, S., Dewar, H., Wraith, J., Vetter, R., Heberer, C. and Martinez, J.
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Fisheries Research
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Longlines with baited hooks affixed with a block of metal alloy (Nd/Pr) were tested against hooks with a lead weight attached (control), to determine their ability to repel sharks.  Two experiments were conducted in Hawaiian waters, one in the Southern California Bight (SCB) and and one in the Eastern Tropical Pacific off the coast of Eduador.  Significant differences were only found for juvenile hammerhead sharks targeted in one of the Hawaiian experiments.  No significant differences were found during experiments targeting sandbar and tiger sharks during the second Hawaiian experiment, for shortfin mako or blue sharks in the SCB, or for pelagic thresher and blue sharks off the coast of Ecuador.