Effects of square-mesh panels in codends and of haulback delay on bycatch reduction in the oceanic prawn-trawl fishery of New South Wales, Australia


Broadhurst, M.K., Kennelly, S.J., O'Doherty, G.



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Fishery Bulletin

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Fisheries Research Institute, N.S.W. Fisheries PO Box 21 Cronulla, New South Whales 2230 Australia

Codends modified with rectangular mesh panels (one oriented length-wise in the cod end and one oriented width-wise, each measuring 7 x 11 bars) reduced the weight of discarded bycatch by 46% and 38% respectively but did not significantly reduce the catch of targeted prawns. A haulback delay of 10-15 seconds allowed juvenile red spot to escape through the square mesh panels, while trawls with no delay showed no significant reduction in the bycatch of this species.