The efficiency of sieve‐panels for bycatch separation in Nephrops trawls

Santos, J., Herrmann, B., Mieske, B., Krag, L.A., Haase, S. Stepputtis, D.
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Fisheries Management and Ecology
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This study investigated the efficiency of a sieve‐panel to separate bycatch species from Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in trawl gear via mechanical and behavioral means. Four different designs of varying panel mesh size or inclination were tested. The sieving efficiency for Nephrops increased from ~17% to ~71% as mesh size increased, and decreased with increasing carapace length, but did so less as panel inclination and mesh size increased. The sieving efficiency for roundfish was low, while the efficiency for flatfish decreased with fish size. Although results are promising, the sieving efficiency for the largest, most valuable Nephrops remained too low for commercial implementation of the gear modifications.