Experimental comparison among four types tori-line designs in the western North Pacific


Sato, N., Ochi, D., Minami, H., Shono, H. and Yokawa, K.



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Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

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norico77@affrc.go.jp, otthii@affrc.go.jp and yokawa@fra.affrc.go.jp

Four types of tori-lines (long streamer, light streamer, hybrid streamer and modified light streamer) were tested for their ability to reduce seabird bycatch on commercial longline fishing vessels in the north Pacific Ocean.  Two experiments were undertaken 1) determine the frequency of bycatch of Laysan albatross for each tori-line and 2) determine mean rate of attacks for tori-lines.  In experiement 1, the mean number of seabirds appearing and the catch per unit effort (for seabirds) was not statistically different between the four tori-lines.  In experiment 2, seabird attack rates (Laysan albatross and shearwater) were not statistically different nor were bycatch rates of Laysan albatross among the four tori-line types.