A field test of acoustic deterrent devices used to reduce interactions between bottlenose dolphins and a coastal gillnet fishery

Waples, D.M., Thorne, L.H., Hodge, L.E.W., Burke, E.K., Urian, K.W., Read, A.J.
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Biological Conservation
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A study was conduceted to test the effect of SaveWave acoustic deterrent devices on target fish catch and bottlenose dolphins in the North Carolina Spanish mackerel gillnet fishery. Observations were carried out on commercial vessels and focal visual and acoustic follows of dolphins were conducted. Fish catches were significantly lower when dolphins were observed interacting with gillnets. The SaveWave device did not affect fish catch. Dolphins were less likely to interact with gillnets and more likely to echolocate when SaveWaves were present. However, SaveWave devices were not sufficiently durable to be deployed in this fishery.