Marine animal entanglements in mussel aquaculture gear: Documented cases from mussel farming regions of the world including first-hand accounts from Iceland


Young, M



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University of Akureyri

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121 pp

Documented entanglement cases for sea turtles and cetaceans in mussel aquaculture gear worldwide were collected. Online surveys and semi-structured interviews with mussel operators were used in Iceland. A total of seven entanglement reports were collected, four baleen whales, one harbour porpoise and two leatherback sea turtles. Mussel spat collecting ropes were involved in the majority of cases. Out of the seven reports, two occurred in Iceland. The proximity between cetacean distributions and mussel farming sites is likely a factor in these interactions. In addition, in Icelandic summer spat collection occurs when the largest concentrations of cetaceans are found in its waters. Iceland should consider some sort of mandatory reporting system for these interactions.

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