No effect from rare-earth metal deterrent on shark bycatch in a commercial pelagic longline trial

Godin, A.C., Wimmer, T., Wang, J.H., Worm, B.
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Fisheries Research
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Aurelie C. Godin:;

Blue sharks account for most of the bycatch in the Canadian pelagic longline swordfish fishery. Electropositive metals (e.g. lanthanide) oxidize in seawater and create electric fields, which can alter the behaviors of several species of sharks. Researchers deployed seven sets (6300 hooks) with three hook treatments (standard hooks, hooks with electropositive metals - neodymium/praseodymium - and hooks with lead weights) on the Scotian Shelf in the Northwest Atlantic. Electropositive metals did not reduce the catch of blue sharks or other common shark bycatch species.