ObsCovgTools: Assessing observer coverage needed to document and estimate rare event bycatch


Curtis, K. A., Carrettab, J. V.



Journal/Publisher Name: 

Fisheries Research

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Elsevier Publishing Elsevier B.V. Registered Office: Radarweg 29, 1043 NX Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

Volume (Issue #): 

Volume 225

Contact information: 

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service Southwest Regional Office alex.curtis@noaa.gov

A software tool was developed to assess observer coverage with respect to several objectives for documenting or estimating rare-event bycatch. The ObsCovgTool predicts observer coverage performance for a given total fishery effort in relation to three metrics: (1) the conditional probability of observing any bycatch given that bycatch occurred in the fishery and the probability of any bycatch in the total fishery effort, (2) the upper confidence limit for total bycatch when none is observed, and (3) precision (coefficient of variation) of the bycatch estimate.