Permanent magnets reduce bycatch of benthic sharks in an ocean trap fishery


Richards, R.J., Raoult, V., Powter, D.M. and Gaston, T.F.



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Fisheries Research

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School of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

The potential benefits of permanent magnets on ocean fish traps targeting snapper (Pagrus auratus) and their abiliy to reduce elasmobranch bycatch. The study deployed over 1000 traps in a fishery-dependent survey in New South Whales, Australia. The incorporation of magnets into fish traps significantly reduced incidences of elasmobranch bycatch by more than a thrid. At the same time, the target species catch rate was significantly increased. Magnets can therefore be used as an effective bycatch reduction device to reduce interactions with elasmobranchs.