Porpoise rescue methods in the yellowfin purse seine fishery and the importance of Medina panel mesh size

Barham, E.G., Taguchi, W.K. and Reilly, S.B.
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Marine Fisheries Reserach
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The impact of Medina panels attached to tuna purse seine nets operating in the US fishery was investigating for their effect on porpoise mortality. Medina panels are reduced mesh size netting hung from 2-inch mesh webbing on the purse seine. The authors took measurements of penetration of porpoise snouts and flippers through mesh openings of 2, 1 7/8, 1 1/2 and 1 inch to determine the potential reduction in porpoise entanglements. Even the smallest porpoise could not fit it's snout through the 1 inch panel, even with it's mouth closed. Recent tests of porpoise 'aprons' and 'chutes' could be promising in making these small mesh panels compatible with tuna purse seine performance.