Predicting bycatch hotspots for endangered leatherback turtles on longlines in the Pacific Ocean


Roe, J.H., Morreale, S.J., Paladino, F.V., Shillinger, G.L., Benson, S.R., Eckert, S.A., Bailey, H., Tomillo, P.S., Bograd, S.J., Eguchi, T., Dutton, P.H., Seminoff, J.A., Block, B.A., Spotila, J.R.



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Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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Use-intensity distributions for 135 satellite-tracked adult leatherback turtles were combined with longline fishing effort to estimate predicted bycatch risk over space and time in the Pacific Ocean. For western Pacific nesting populations, the greatest risk was adjacent to primary nesting beaches in the tropical seas of Indo-Pacific islands. For eastern Pacific nesting populations, the greatest risk was in the South Pacific Gyre. Targeted management should be based on these predicted hotspots to reduce leatherback bycatch.