Review of magnetic shark deterrents: Hypothetical mechanisms and evidence for selectivity

Courtney, J., Courtney, Y. and Courtney, M.
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Aquatic Science and Technology
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12 p
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BTG Research
P. O. Box 62541, Colorado Springs, CO, 80962, USA

A review of recently published articles dealing with the effects of magnetic fields on elasmobranchs and potential use in bycatch avoidance was conducted. The authors suggest these papers ignore that teleosts may also demonstrate magnetite based magnetoreception and that electroreception is present in many teleosts. Based on this, the possibility of induction based indirect magenetoreception in telosts should also be considered. The authors suggest that experiments showing teleosts are insensitive to magnetic deterrents is likely a result of flawed design and sample sizes. The authors therefore recommend independent studies be conducted to test the hypothesis of magnetic force detection in teleosts.