Review of research and assessments on the efficacy of sea lion exclusion devices in reducing the incidental mortality of New Zealand sea lions Phocarctos hookeri in the Auckland Islands squid trawl fishery

Hamilton, S., Baker, G.B.
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Fisheries Research
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Latitute 42 Environmental Consultants,

The authors conducted an extensive literature review to determine if Sea Lion Excluder Devices (SLEDs) allow sea lions to escape from trawl nets and if they subsequently survived. In addtion, the literature was reviewed to determine if head trauma was likely when sea lions come into contact with stainless steel SLED grids. According to the literature, SLEDs are effective in reducing sea lion bycatch in trawl nets and resulted in a reduction of observed sea lion mortalities. In addtion, the literature indicates that increased head trauma, due to contact with the SLED grids, is unlikely.