Review of sinking groundline performance in the Maine lobster fishery, with recommendations for improving its fishability


Ludwig, L., McCarron, P., McClellan, K., McKenna, H., and R. Allen



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Final Report to the Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction under Award# NA10NMF4520343 to the New England Aquarium.

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New England Aquarium, Boston, MA USA.

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The purpose of this project was to determine ways to enhance the performance of sinking groundline, involving three approaches: (1) Reviewing previous research and lobstermen’s experience with sinking groundlines; (2) Recording directly from lobster fishermen of the Gulf of Maine the practical challenges they encountered in converting to sinking groundline; (3) Producing visual observations of actively fished sinking groundline to gain insights into chafing and how it might be reduced. The outputs include recommendations from lobster fishermen in New England on mitigating the negative effects of using sinking groundline, and an identification of research priorities.