Seabirds avoidance effect of tori-lines in the Japanese longline fishery: comparison of tori-line streamers


Yokota, K., Minami, H. and Kiyota, M.



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Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

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National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries Fisheries Research Agency Japan, 5-7-1, Orido, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka 424-8633

Fishery observer data from Japanese longline vessels targeting southern bluefin tuna, was used to determine if there were differences in seabird avoidance between two types ("WCPFC type" and "Light type") of tori-lines.  There was no signficant difference between the two tori-lines for either the nominal catch rates of albatross or the per-capita catch rates.  Therefore both types of tori-line have similar seabird avoidance effects and the "Light type" may be more practical in areas with difficult weather and oceanic conditions.