Seal exclusion devices in cod pots prevent seal bycatch and affect their catchability of cod


Konigson, S., Lovgren, J., Hjelm, J., Ovegard, M., Ljunghager, F., Lunneryd, S.



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Fisheries Research

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Experiments were conducted along the Swedish coast to investigate the impact of seal exclusion devices (SEDs) on seal bycatch. Pot entrances were fitted with SEDs of different shapes and sizes. The pots were a two-chambered single entrance floating cod pot. Pots were equipped with a 45 mm escape window. Experimental pots had vertically mounted metal frames that were secured with nylon line. Five different types of SEDs were used. They had different metal frames, different shapes, thickness of material or inner circumference. Bycatch of seals was reduced to zero when SEDs were used and the pots' catchability was not negatively affected. The symmetrical oval shaped entrance and larger rectangle shaped entrance (two smaller openings) increased the pots' catchability.