One FAD with a solid light at 20 m depth is deployed by a work boat. A second FAD with a flashing light at 100 m depth is deployed by a second work boat. The second work boat moves the FAD with the flashing light away from the first FAD. As it moves away, the main boat encircles the first FAD with the surrounding net (Kawamoto et al 2012). Study on the methods to mitigate the bycatch of juvenile bigeye tuna by introducing Double-FADs with light stimulus for tuna purse seine fishery.

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Study Type: 

Field study in the wild


Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

Target catch: 

Skipjack and yellowfin tuna

Effect on bycatch species: 

Double-FADS caught larger bigeye tunas but the catch rate was slightly less than on normal FAD sets.

Effect on target catch: 

Fewer skipjack tuna were caught by number and weight. Yellowfin tuna catch was higher.


Bycatch species: 

Reduction technique: 

Fishing Gear: