Field Study 367

Bay of Bengal


Target catch: 

Tunas and billfish

Study Type: 

Field study in the wild

Effect on target catch: 

Target species catch rates were higher on circle hooks (2.2 individuals/1,000 hooks) compared to J-hooks (1.9 individuals/1,000 hooks). Swordfish caught by J-hooks were slightly larger than those caught on circle hooks.

Effect on bycatch species: 

J-hooks caught a higer percentage (74.5%) of bycatch compared to target (25.5%) species, while circle hooks caught a similar percentage of each (53.3% and 46.7% respectively). Bycatch catch rates were higher on J-hooks (5.6 individuals/1,000 hooks) than

Bycatch species: 

Fishing Gear: 

Reduction technique: