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Acadien Crabbers’ Association

The ACADIEN CRABBERS’ ASSOCIATION is an organization representing most of the midshore snow crab fleet active in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada). Our fishery is encountering an ever-increasing presence of North Atlantic right whales on our fishing grounds and we are actively trying to adjust our fishing gear and practices to prevent harmful interactions with the whales. Through government funding and with the expertise of local and international specialists, solutions are sought through 15 subprojects related to:

  • Connection between traditional Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) and Electronic Monitoring (EM) for real time transmission of data related to whale sightings and entanglements and regulatory monitoring activities;
  • Integration of new and/or emerging technologies into snow crab fishing gear;
  • Integration of new coding technologies for traceability of fishing gear;
  • Rehabilitation of the natural infrastructure of the seabed.

  • Fishing Industry
  • Independent Consultant
  • NGO
  • Seafood Industry
  • Contact: Robert Hache

Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life

The Bycatch Reduction Program at the New England Aquarium’s Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life carries out cutting-edge research to identify solutions to bycatch problems. We conduct studies of animal interactions with fishing operations, research and development of innovative fishing gear and practices, evaluations of new fishing techniques in collaboration with commercial and artisanal fishermen worldwide, and maintain the Global Bycatch Exchange as well as pursue other international policy initiatives that help advance solutions to fisheries bycatch.

  • Academic
  • NGO
  • Contact: Michelle Cho
  • Address:

    Central Wharf

    Boston, MA 02110 USA

Ashored Innovations

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and incorporated in April 2018, Ashored is focused on improving the sustainability of the commercial fishery through the development of user-friendly and purpose-built innovations. Currently, Ashored is addressing issues of marine animal entanglements, derelict/ghost fishing gear, and the related challenges to the industry and governance.  

Ashored has developed a ropeless fishing system and accompanying tracking software that can be used with current industry traps/trawls. This gear sinks to the ocean floor and can be recalled to the surface using an acoustic release and time-based redundancy. Once the buoy and connecting rope surface, fishermen can use existing onboard equipment and processes to retrieve the traps and prepare for redeployment. By preventing fixed ropes from extending throughout the water column, marine life will be able to pass through fishing waters without harm and fishing ropes will no longer be susceptible to being severed by boat propellers or competitors.

Ashored’s proprietary rope containment system facilitates simple loading and resetting, and also fast, clean rope release that helps fishers minimize gear losses and prevents potential entanglements with marine animals. Ashored’s ropeless fishing systems are designed for the harshest conditions and take into account key factors prioritized by fishers.

  • Fishing Industry
  • Independent Consultant
  • Manufacturer
  • Contact: Aaron Stevenson