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Novatec Braids Ltd

Novatec Braids Ltd is a privately held manufacturer of Novabraid Braided Ropes with a specific focus on commercial fishing solutions.  Located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Canada, Novatec Braids has worked tirelessly to develop ropes to enhance sustainable productivity within the fishing industry and created innovative products to protect marine mammals through cooperative efforts with marine scientists, regulatory agencies, and fishing industry groups.  Beginning in 2014, Novatec Braids worked jointly with the Massachusetts South Shore Lobstermen’s Association to produce the SSL 2.0 low strength breakaway link, allowing fishermen to augment their existing vertical lines with an engineered rope “fuses” that would part when subjected to a load equivalent to that of a whale entanglement.  After lengthy scientific studies, Novabraid is ready to provide the links in an assortment of sizes and ID color flecks with the goal of protecting migratory whale species from entanglement, identifying gear from specific fisheries, while allowing lobster and crab fishermen to continue making their livelihood from our oceans.   We continue to work with advocacy groups along with industry partners interested in protecting whale species through other methodologies and can provide ultra-high modulus, small diameter cord for electronic “ropeless” fishing options as well as oceanographic research deployment and recovery lines.

  • Independent Consultant
  • Manufacturer
  • Contact: Chuck Gilchrest