Surrounding nets

Surrounding nets enclose fish in net from both sides and bottom, effectively preventing escape.

Purse seine nets have a purse cable running through purse rings hanging from the bottom edge of the net. This allows the net to be drawn closed when the cable is tightened. Purse seine nets can be operated by one or two vessels either coastally or on the high seas. Lampara nets are shaped like slings and lack a purse cable. Fish are trapped in the finer mesh at the center of the "sling." Lampara nets are almost exclusively used to catch species inhabiting surface waters. Ring nets are purse seine-lampara hybrids; they are shaped like lampara nets but have a purse cable. Like lampara nets, ring nets must be used close to the ocean's surface. Beach seine nets are set close to the coast and hauled in from land.

For more detailed information, please visit the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department surrounding nets web page.