Phocoena sinus

IUCN Status: 

Critically Endangered
Photo: Chris Johnson earthOCEAN

Gillnet fisheries pose the greatest threat to the vaquita population. Current bycatch estimates are unavailable, but in the early 1990s an estimated 39 to 84 individuals were caught by fishermen from one town (D'Agrosa et al 2000).  In 2014, CIRVA reported that probably only 100 individuals remain of this species, and the population was projected to continue declining without emergency regulatory action by the Mexican government (CIRVA, 2014). By 2019, only ~19 individuals are estimated to remain.


CIRVA (V). 2014. Report of the Fifth Meeting of the 'Comité Internacional para la Recuperación de la vaquita. Accessed on November 24, 2014 at

D'Agrosa, C, CE Lennert-Cody, O Vidal. 2000. Vaquita bycatch in Mexico's artisanal gillnet fisheries: driving a small population to extinction. Conservation Biology 14(4): 1110-1119.

Bycatch Threat: 



~ 19
Northern Gulf of California, Mexico