How to Use the Database

The Database Includes:

  • Citations for studies that pertain to bycatch reduction approaches.
  • Summaries of the findings for each study.
  • Descriptions of bycatch reduction techniques.
  • Descriptions of fishing methods.
  • Links to studies and study authors, where available.

How to Search:

Users can search the database by fishing gear, bycatch reduction technique, or non-target wildlife group singly or in combination. This is achieved by selecting items from the drop-down menu on the initial search page. Search results consist of any relevant publications that match the input search terms. Users can also browse the complete list of publications, and arrange them by year and author.

Managing the Database:

Research into bycatch reduction approaches is a very active field involving researchers and fishermen around the world. It is therefore challenging to maintain the most up-to-date compendium of studies. Up-dating the studies contained in this database therefore relies on voluntary submissions from an international network of researchers. Since new technologies to address bycatch are continually being developed, users can also suggest an article or field study to be added to the database to share valuable information regarding bycatch reduction strategies.

Featured Bycatch Species