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Fishery Animal Interactions

Understanding interactions between non-target species and fishing operations

Fishing Gear Modifications

Research and development of bycatch reduction devices.

Global Bycatch Exchange

Facilitating a global exchange of information on bycatch and bycatch reduction

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A study by Dr. Rosalind Rolland and colleagues at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life demonstrated the utility of measuring stress of North Atlantic right whales using hormones extracted from whale feces. The study showed that whales entangled in fishing gear had significantly higher concentrations of these hormones than healthy animals or those killed by vessel strikes. 

Gray whale entangled in gillnet fishing gear off southern California

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Chatham Albatross

Chatham albatross are caught in a variety of longline and trawl fisheries in the southeast Pacific Ocean.  Known mortality from bycatch has been observed in ling demersal and tuna pelagic long

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