Scup bycatch reduction in Loligo squid fishery


Pol, M., Carr, H.A. and Glass, C.



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NOAA/NMFS Marine Fisheries Initiative NA16FL1215 Final Report

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Michael Pol and H. Arnold Carr Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries 50A Portside Dr. Pocasset, MA 02559

Gear modifications to the Loligo squid trawl net were developed to reduce scup bycatch.  Two extension modifications, vee and ring excluders, were developed to aid in reducing scup bycatch when large schools are encountered.  These extensions were based on the grid/gate design but made flexible enough to be wound up. The extensions work as an obstruction device and are flanked by fisheyes, which allow the fish to escape.  Previous trawl net modifications were unable to reduce scup bycatch when large schools entered the gear.  The two extensions were able to remove scup at mean rates of 86-100% compared to standard trawl gear, although small (<10 cm FL) scup were not excluded.  There were no real differences in removal rates between the two extensions.  However, the vee excluder did also remove more squid (53-69%) from the net compared to the ring excluder (7-58%).